News Story on Pappy With Some Great Old Photos by WHAS11

julian-p-van-winkle-sr-290x290I ran across this story today and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Great history lesson, pics and interviews. Check it out if you want to learn more about the history of how Pappy Van Winkle, the best bourbon, in the world came into being.

You can access the story here.

“Pappy” Time Is Almost Here (Is Here)

Rolling the Dice for Pappy Van Winkle

Ready to roll the dice and see if you’re lucky enough to get a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle?

(Updated November 19)

“So far 32 states have reported receiving Pappy. Let me know if any more can be added to the list. Enjoy the Chase!”


North Dakota : Arrived 10-23
Virginia: Arrived 10-24
Maryland: Arrived 10-24
Illinois: (Southern) – 10-30
North Carolina: 10-28
Wisconsin: (Madison) 10-29
Texas: 11-1
Indiana: 11-1
South Carolina: 11-3
Kentucky: 11-4
Arkansas: 11-4
Kansas: 11-4
Tennessee: 11-5
Arizona: 11-5
Washington DC: 11-6
Delaware: 11-7
Michigan: 11-10
Rhode Island: 11-10
New Hampshire: 11-11
Illinois (Chicago): 11-12
Maine: 11-12
Alabama: 11-13
Georgia (Macon Only)
South Dakota: 11-13
New Jersey: 11-13
Missouri: 11-14
Massachusetts: 11-14
Colorado: 11-15
Oregon: 11-15
Nebraska: 11-17
Minnesota: 11-19
Vermont: 11-19


Well, it’s almost time.… Read More

First Pappy Van Winkle Sighting – North Dakota

First Pappy Van Winkle Sighting



 reports Pappy has finally appeared in North Dakota

“North Dakota becomes the first state to receive Pappy…I’d expect several other states to release over the next 4-5 days” – Blake

Check out Pappy Release Map

Also interesting discussion on Pappy and Florida on Old Rip Van Winkle Facebook Site. Scroll down left sidebar to “Post to Page” section.

Julian Van Winkle

Julian Van Winkle’s Advice on Finding Pappy Van Winkle

Do you have suggestions for finding a bottle of Pappy?

I do not. Even though there’s more in Kentucky, it’s not like you’re going to find it on the shelf. Probably the best thing is good luck. You can go into a little store somewhere and maybe somebody doesn’t know what it is and the store doesn’t get much traffic. That’s really the best the place to find it, the low-trafficked stores. That’s where I hear a lot of stories of people finding it.

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Bourbon — or at Least Whiskey — Is King of the Hill!

Pappy Van Winkle 20 YearI read a few articles this week proclaiming bourbon, or at least whiskey, as the conqueror of vodka.

If you’re a drinker, that’s a good thing.

Here is a sampling if you want to read the articles:

Whiskey, particularly bourbon, is everything that clear-eyed vodka is not. Color equals character, at least when it comes to spirits.… Read More

Chasing Pappy Van Winkle, Best Bourbon in the World