Pappy Van Winkle- The Only 3 Strategies I Know for Finding It

My Best PVW Score --- 20 Yr November 2012
My Best PVW Score November 2012

It's July and that means it's time to start thinking about the Holy Grail of Bourbons --- Pappy Van Winkle.

In about 3 months -- when college football hits its stride, the stock market preps for a meltdown, and all the weird folks (you know the ones who proclaim Halloween their favorite holiday) start┬áspending hours setting up their yards to scare little kids -- PVW will start to hit the shelves.… Read More

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How To Drink Bourbon in the Morning and Not Be a Sot

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Do you love bourbon? I mean love it? Like want to drink it in the morning?

But, you don't exactly want to be one of those washed up "Mad Men" that drinks all day and gets absolutely nothing done.

Well. Good news. I have the perfect solution.

Thanks to my friends - yes they are my friends. Hell they sent me free coffee and no bourbonmaker has ever done that, even though I have a blog dedicated to the sweetest elixir on the planet.… Read More

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